When RC Motor wires melt or obtain really warm, it typically suggests one thing; more current is streaming with the wire than it is designed to take care of. The remedy is as straightforward as updating to a larger gauge (larger size) cord. Nevertheless, there may be an issue in other places that requires taking a look at, so it is best to examine points out initially.

Why does the motor cable fume?

When a present flows through a cord there is a particular quantity of resistance to the existing circulation. When present is resisted, the wire warms up. The thinner the cable, the much less present it can deal with (more resistance to existing flow) as well as the hotter it will certainly obtain. If the cable obtains also hot, the outer case can melt off. If this occurs, the wires can short out (touch with each other) and also harm your electronic devices.

Typical reasons for high currents moving

A. When you upgrade to a more effective RC Motor/ ESC system
B. If the auto is binding in some way
C. If you are utilizing a really high gearing configuration ( reduced equipment proportion) for full throttle

The remedy to the issue depends on what is triggering the high current:

ESC/Motor upgrade

Basic or supply motors (such as the silver can 540 motor) does not demand a lot of power as well as existing so are normally fitted with relatively slim wires - which are fine for these motor kinds. If you’ve simply updated your Motor/ ESC however made use of the old slim cables from the 540 motor, the new motor is probably attracting a lot a lot more current than the thin cable was created for.


Merely change the motor wires with a larger gauge cord (thicker size) that can manage much more current.

Tires, bearings or parts binding and putting extra stress on the system

If there is something binding/jamming or stopping the wheels from revolving easily, the motor will certainly have to function a great deal harder. Harder benefit the electric motor implies attracting a lot more current causing the motor cords to get hotter than they generally would. This will also drain your battery quicker, so you will have much shorter run times each charge.


Inspect totally free movement of bearings, wheel bolts are not over-tightened, examine that the wheels spin freely and that the gearbox is likewise complimentary and smooth with minimal friction. Check any drive shafts or belts are working efficiently.

Make sure that the auto rolls along the ground easily and quickly when no electric motor is involved (temporarily remove the pinion to check cost-free movement). This will not just enhance efficiency, yet it will certainly also offer you longer run times because of higher efficiency.

Gear Ratio also reduced ( tailored for broadband).

If you are making use of a very reduced equipment ratio (largest pinion and also smaller sized spur equipment) to get optimal top speed from your RC lorry, this will make the electric motor work harder on velocity, indicating greater currents. The motor itself will likewise get hot because of the hard work it is doing.


Adjustment to a somewhat greater equipment proportion - this will assist keep the electric motor and ESC cooler as well as should likewise decrease the currents that flow with the electric motor wire.

This is specifically crucial when making use of the RC cars and truck off roadway - harsh surface equals more rolling resistance and also more work for the motor. Greater running temperatures and higher currents can stream when running your rc cars and truck off roadway.


Soldering larger scale wires is an easy method to solve the problem when RC cars and truck electric motor cables get also hot or thaw, yet it is always best to inspect and ensure the RC lorry is running efficiently and freely as it should.

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